Gary Hill – an American artist lives and works in Seattle, Washington, often viewed as one of the foundational artists in video art, passionate about women and their beauty. Art historian Lynne Cooke summarizes:

“A pioneer in his embrace of the then novel medium of video, Hill distinguished himself through a radical approach that both literally and conceptually deconstructed it. Single channel works were soon followed by installations in which video screens were unhoused, suspended, multiplied, miniaturized, or otherwise manipulated.

On other occasions, video tubes mysteriously projected unframed images in dark fields or from oscillating beacons panning an empty room, text and figure swivelled in anamorphic distortion. No artist of Hill’s generation probed this medium with such invasive scrutiny, and none deployed it with such protean irreverence. And when his restless curiosity led him to computer based technologies and virtual space in the early Nineties, few of his peers proved so avid or dedicated in exploiting this uncharted terrain for art making.

Since he rarely deployed technology as a tool in service to an exploration of the visual world, questions of representation have played a relatively minor role in his work: typically, he treats mediums as sites and enablers of languages both verbal and visual. Surveying with hindsight what now amounts to more than three decades of his activity, it’s striking how far his path has veered from his peers’ and not least because it betrays so few allegiances to histories of representation.

Lee Weinberg (PhD) – Dr Lee Weinberg is an independent curator, researcher and lecturer, specializing in contemporary and digital cultures. Weinberg started her journey as an artist. She acquired her BFA from Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London and her BAFA in art and French Literature from the University of Haifa. With time, her focused as an artist shifted towards community and audience engagement as she became a gallery educator and  curator at the Haifa Museum of Contemporary Art in Haifa, Israel (2005-2012). Working on independent research and exhibition on Net.Art she was fascinated by the opportunities digital technologies offer in developing new forms of art and curation, and traveled back to the UK to pursue her Mphil and  PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London (2009-2013). Her thesis, in creative curating, focused on the redefinition of curation and art and identifying their new forms in the digital realm. After completing her PhD, Weinberg became interested in the histories of Indian art and she is currently researching and working on curatorial projects between London, Israel and India (since 2014). As a curator Weinberg initiated and was involved in various projects and exhibitions internationally. She is currently working a senior lecturer and researcher at Shenkar College of Engineering Design and Art and as the head of the Curatorial Studies MA programme at the University of Haifa. She also offers intensive academic workshops in the areas of her expertise to academies in art and design internationally.